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Services to simplify home listings.

Next Door Photos offers home photography, drone footage, headshots and more. They have a location-based franchise model with coverage all throughout the US. Now with more than 30 different active locations, each with their own website using our custom-built solution. Primarily offering services for realtors, the Next Door Photos web project included: Web Design, Custom Integrations of 3rd Party Services, and Additional Functionality.

Status: Live
Duration: Ongoing

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Praise for Home Slice

“During my meetings with Chris and Nicole, we accomplish a lot and it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Since our partnership is results driven and educational, I'll eventually be able to manage everything completely in-house, making it a great fit for my business.”

Catherine Phelps, President - AAA Lead Inspections, Inc.

“Chris has been an essential team member in our web strategy. Following the design and build of our web platform, we retained his services for several other initiatives. He has delivered high quality work, met every deadline, and been responsive to all of our needs. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Chris and we will continue to seek his expertise in our developments moving forward.”

Camden Brieden, Managing Partner - Next Door Photos